What you get

Earbuds Manual


Earbuds case

Charging case

Earbuds USB-C Cable

USB-C Cable



Earbuds Ear Tips

3 sets of ear tips

Upgraded to 4 microphones

Our Soundliving Earbuds 3.0 have four microphones, which improves sound collection, especially in noisy environments like offices. Unlike the 2.0 model, which has two microphones (dual microphones), the 3.0 model provides significantly better sound quality and noise reduction.

Upgraded to 4 microphones
Recycled material

Recycled material

Sustainable materials, consisting of recycled plastic and paper, benefit the environment by reducing waste and conserving resources. At the same time, they maintain sublime sound quality and high quality, making them both environmentally friendly and reliable.

Up to 25 hours of playback

With the rechargeable case, you can quickly place your Soundliving Earbuds in the case and start charging automatically. This way, you are guaranteed power for the whole day, just by placing them in the case when not in use. You are guaranteed 25 hours of listening time

Up to 25 hours of playback
ENC - Environmental Noise Cancellation

ENC function

ENC (Environmental Noise Cancellation) differs from ANC (Active Noise Cancellation) by filtering out ambient noise without affecting sound quality. While ANC reduces external noise, ENC analyzes the surroundings and generates counter-sounds to neutralize the noise. This results in a dynamic and comfortable listening experience, especially in noisy environments.


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